How to stark hiking?

The great outdoors, the scenery, the clean air, the health benefits.

Why wouldn’t you want to start hiking?

Hiking is the most accessible outdoor activity that you can start. It’s simple and very cheap. 

However, like many other hobbies, or activities, many people find themselves asking the same question, How do you start?

So let’s look at two basic tips to help you start hiking today. 

1. Pick an easy trial close to home

For your first hike, let’s be realistic. You’re not going to be heading up Everest or even Ben Nevis. Take a look online at your local area, find a nice trail that you think you will enjoy, that has good scenery and a place you can just get away from it all.  So what do you fancy, the forest, hills, moors etc? Pick something with a low skill level, low gradient and will be suitable for the current weather. 

When planning times and distance, remember to add in getting to and from the trail from your home. For the first time I would suggest going with someone else, more for motivation than anything, but if you are going alone dont forget to tell somebody where you are going and when you will be back. 

2. Get the right gear

When you’re just starting out you don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds on fancy boots and backpacks. I’m sure you have an old pair of suitable walking shoes lying around the house, if not you can pick up an adequate pair for about 25 pounds, these will do at the beginning, depending on where you are planning on going that is. Find the passion for the activity first, then grab the new gear later. 

Pack some basic equiptment in a backpack such as water, snacks and basic first aid equiptment, grab your shoes, pants and a jacket and get out of the door.

This is the most important part, getting out of the door the first time. After that you will love it and will be eager to get back out there. Over time you will learn for yourself what best equiptment suits you, but for now happy hiking. 

I don’t think I could have made this one easier. 

Did I leave anything out, let me know in the comments section below. 

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